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Palo Alto College Schedule/Catalog 2013-2014 [Archived Catalog]

Engineering: Associate of Science, concentration in Engineering

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The Associate of Science with a concentration in Engineering will prepare students with the skills and background needed for success in a university engineering program:

1.     Students will complete the Palo Alto College core.

2.     Students will apply science, mathematics, computer aided analysis and design, and technical communication to solve and present solutions to open-ended engineering problems.

The flexibility of the program allows students to customize the degree plan to the various engineering fields of specialization.

Degree Requirements (Total Credit Hours 60)

Additional Communications (3 Hours)

            Select 1 course from the Additional Communication (11) Core 

Mathematics (4 Hours)

Humanities (3 Hours)

            Select 1 course from the Humanities (40) Core 

Additional Humanities (3 Hours)

            Select 1 course from Additional Humanities (41) Core 

Visual and Performing Arts (3 Hours)

            Select 1 course from the Visual and Performing Arts (50) Core 

History (6 Hours)

            Select 2 courses from the History (60) Core 

Government (6 Hours)

            Select 2 courses from the Government (70) Core 

Social and Behavioral Sciences (3 Hours)

Select 1 course from the Social and Behavioral Sciences (80) Core   


Courses from the Additional Requirements area may not be used to satisfy Core Curriculum requirements.

*Students not prepared to enroll in MATH 2413 Calculus I may be required to take MATH 1414 College Algebra and/or MATH 2312 Precalculus.

 # Courses not offered at Palo Alto College

Engineering students should first complete the Accuplacer, and then contact the Engineering Department if desiring consideration for higher initial placement in mathematics sequence.

A course may be used only once to fulfill degree requirements.

Check with the four-year institution to which you plan to transfer to ensure that courses taken at PAC are the courses that will apply to the appropriate degree.

Students cannot take both ENGR 2301 and ENGR 2303 for credit

Students cannot take both CHEM 1311 and 1411 for credit

Students cannot take both CHEM 1312 and 1412 for credit

CIP Code: 14.0801
Major Code: ENGR

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