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Geology: Associate of Science, concentration in Geology

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Geology is the study of the earth. It is a field of study that involves the nature and properties of the materials composing the earth, the processes that continuously change the Earth, and the history and development of the earth during its 4.6 billion year history. The study of geology offers unusual opportunities to integrate knowledge from many disciplines in trying to understand natural earth phenomena.

Students who choose the Associate of Science with a concentration in geology typically do so in order to increase their understanding of our natural environment and to gain the geologic knowledge and skills that can be applied to a professional career in natural resource exploration, resource development and management, environmental geology, teaching, and/or research.

Palo Alto College has signed 2 + 2 articulation agreements with area colleges and universities. Students following these degree plans should consult with a faculty advisor for guidance.

Degree Requirements (Total Credit Hours 61)

Communication (9 Hours)

Select 1 course from the Additional Communication (11) Core   

Humanities and Visual/Performing Arts (9 Hours)

Select 1 course from the Humanities (40) Core 
Select 1 course from the Additional Humanities (41) Core 
Select 1 course from the Visual and Performing Arts (50) Core 

Social and Behavioral Sciences (15 Hours)

Select 2 courses from the Government (70) Core 
Select 2 courses from the History (60) Core   
Select 1 course from the Social and Behavioral Sciences (80) Core   

Additional Requirements (16 Hours)


Courses from the Additional Requirements area may not be used to satisfy Core Curriculum requirements.
Recommended Additional Courses:
PHYS 1302/PHYS 1102 – General Physics II Lecture/Lab (Also listed as PHYS 1402 General Physics II)
**Please note that most universities will transfer up to 66 credit hours.
Degree plan aligns with UTSA.  Students transferring to Trinity University should check with Admissions at Trinity University.
# Course not offered at Palo Alto College
CIP Code: 40.0601
Major Code: GEOL

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